10 World's Most Busiest Flight Routes

List of top ten busiest flight routes from IATA

Sydney Airport

Most busiest flight routes in the world apparently does not need to be surprised again, because it provides a list of which is quite surprising. Similarly, the report compiled by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The report makes many people think again, because it shows its routes, the world's busiest presence in Asia and Australia.

The world seems to require more flights to various destinations to various places in the world, let's say on the world of tourism, aviation will be increasingly busy. Surely.

Citing the sites TravelKompas, in the year 2016, these route flights from Seoul Gimpo International Airport to the Jeju International Airport recorded as route with the the highest frequency in the world

Even other sources obtained from IATA, eg 2015 ago, a flight from Seoul to Jeju (not round trip) reached 6,561,314 times flight routes. While in 2016, it is estimated round-trip flights from Seoul to Jeju flights reached 13 million times.

You will be shocked when they see the activity that occurred in the airport, because more than 26 million passengers stop by to Jeju International Airport, and you know most of them come for a travel tour.

In addition to Jeju International Airport, the busiest flying toward the Sapporo New Chitose Airport to Tokyo Haneda Airport, which reached 6,209,366 one-way.

And you can see the list compiled by IATA, 10 busiest flight routes in the world in 2016 (one-way).

1. Jeju International - Seoul Gimpo International - 6,561,314
2. Sapporo New Chitose - Tokyo Haneda - 6,209,366
3. Fukuoka - Tokyo Haneda - 5,961,277
4. Melbourne - Sydney Kingsford Smith - 5,067,167
5. Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan International - Hong Kong International - 4,146,547

6. Delhi - Mumbai - 4,143,639
7. Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi - 4,141,322
8. Beijing Capital International - Shanghai and 9. Hongqiao International - 3,962,081
9. Surabaya - Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta - 3,849,866
10. Tokyo Haneda - Okinawa Naha - 3,784,546

Undoubtedly, if in the future the Asia-Australia region will be the busiest in the world. And it slowly has been at the front of the eye.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, telegraph.co.uk
Image: J Tobing - Sydney


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