Deserted Railway Station in the World

Only visited by 12 passengers in a year in Shippea Hill

Shippea Hill Railway Station, Cambridgeshire - Image credit Ashley Dace

Railway Station in the UK became one of the means for anyone to get to a destination they even gave effect to most of the tourists coming to the UK mainland.

Now you're traveling to a country, say, the UK, and if you want to satisfy a portion of the inside of you to make the trip an adventure, then the train ride is the coolest way.

Who would have thought when there are many railway stations in the country, according to records in a portal site,, Dec. 7, there are 2,557 railway stations in the UK, with an average of eight stations of passengers by the number of users is less than 100 people ,

When referring to the data provided by the British government, then every train station is visited by an average of 233,000 passengers in the period April 2015 - March 2016. And, if you become one of the thousands of tourists who want to enjoy the trip, and feel directly the atmosphere there.

The interest of the passengers is appropriate to their needs when going into the train station, and in densely populated areas may be more that can you meet the prospective passengers.

Well, a place that may not be too remembered by most people in the country, a station which has been a most desolate station in the country over the last two years.

Why is that? A railway station in the area of East Cambridgeshire deserves the title of ‘the deserted train station in the world’, maybe. The station is Shippea Hill, Prickwillow with an average of one person every month over the past year, and only 12 passengers up and down at the station, said an official at the Office of the affairs of the railway and highway Britain.

Interesting right? Maybe you can come alone to determine the atmosphere in the most deserted station in the world, considering that since 2014 there are 22 passengers, and the number of passengers continues to decline in recent years.

Furthermore Reddish South station in Manchester, 38 passengers and Pilning station in South Gloucestershire who only had 46 passengers.

The trip to the British state can be an interesting, if you're specifically to do so, watch the green mainland Britain in the inland area.

Source: E Hardoko -, Telegraph
Image: Ashley Dace via Wikipedia


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