2100, England Become the Wine 'Ruler'

Climate change gives 'advantage' for the supply of wine in the world

Tempranillo - Image credit Mick Stephenson

Climate change should be brought ill effects on the survival of life on earth, it is instantly felt a change of temperature which tends increasingly heated.

Experts already have concerns about things that might happen as a result of climate changes that have occurred in recent decades. Global warming is thought to bring a lot of problems for life on earth.

You know when a comprehensive global warming impact and affect life on earth, especially to animals, plants, and humans.

Human behavior in exploiting the earth among other causes, and provide real symptoms such as changes in weather and climate, rising sea levels, declining agricultural produce and plants, and of course human health.

However, behind all the unexpected is a positive impact on the wine world inventory, it is featured in a site, CNN Indonesia, Nov. 13th, that changes occur in the wine region.

The location of wineries and wine variants may have changed but the backup supplies of wine will not be threatened.

Citing other articles, The Daily Meal, according to research by the direct impact of heating occurs in traditional wine estates in Argentina, Chile, and California because it was too hot for wine growing.

But what happens then?

All occurred, but good news for the UK, researchers found that with global warming, the UK will become an important wine producer in the world.

Laithwaite's Wine evaluated based on their research, how the temperature changes could have an impact on the production of wine in 2100, and arrived at the conclusion that the height of the area will be very suitable for the manufacture of the best wine.

Mark Maslin, a professor at University College London in the sites The Daily Meal said in his study, "Climate is a very important factor for the cultivation of wine."

He saw a positive thing for the British mainland, regardless of global warming that swept the world, that through their study shows the positive side for the production of wine England widely.

Is that happening in the world map of wine production in the future?

Source: C Andhika Setyanti – CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal
Image: Mick Stephenson via Wikipedia


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