Last Request, Died in Santa Claus Hugs

One of the story of Santa Claus in serving the demand of small children

Santa Claus with children - Image credit Bailiwick Studios from Rockford, MI

Last wishes to Santa Claus from a child who is seriously ill died in his arms in a hospital, he was crying very hard and faced a long time to be able to handle it.

"I cried all the way back to my home."

The story of Eric Schmitt-Matzen, 60, a mechanical expert and president of Packing Seals & Engineering in Jacksboro birth on December 6th in his service to children around the neighborhood, as reviewed in a lifestyle site, December 14th, with his great body indeed eligible to appear as the figure of Santa Claus.

His big body, tall and fat. Thin white hair and mustache and beard were white also makes him more like the grandfather of the most eagerly awaited in Christmas times.

Not easy being the Santa Claus, because it requires regular maintenance, such as his beards need to go through the bleaching process, in order to keep the color remains white.

Interesting figure in a variety of looks, quotes an article from USA Today, among other things he was able to become the first winner of the race "full natural beard, styled mustache" in the 2016 national contest sponsored by Just For Men hair products.

Dedication of him in more than 80 events as Santa Claus complete with the red suspenders, and the assistance from his wife, Sharon as Mrs. Santa Claus, and the Christmas moments becomes the busyness times for them in the church conjunction with the Santa Claus Day, December 6th, when celebrating the Saint Nicholas.

And, the experience that brings lasting impression was when he as Santa Claus was in a local hospital, a tough day and he cried endlessly, even though at that time he already had an appointment with Sharon to visit their grandchildren in Nashville.

His deep sadness, because there is a little boy who suffered severe pain died in his lap.

"When the phone rang. It was from the nurse that I know work in the hospital. He said that there are five years old who are terminally ill and want to meet Santa Claus."

He rushes without a chance to fix the Santa Claus 'uniform' well, only with red suspenders and went directly to the hospital within 15 minutes to meet with the mother and the child's family.

The mother shows a toy from a television show, PAW Patrol, and asked him to give it to her little child.

He was unable to complete the task, he felt very sad carried away, when the family of the child kept crying, and asked them to leave the room.

Santa Claus himself went into the room, the child's family sobbed seeing Eric the "Santa" from the window glass in the ICU Room. The weak body and limp on the bed like getting ready for bed.

Santa Claus sitting at his bedside and began talking to the child.

"Tell me, is it true that I've heard that you're going to spend Christmas? No way you could miss Christmas! Why, because you are the number one fairy!"

The little boy responded, "Really?"

Then he put the gift in the hands of the child.

"He was very weak and could barely open the gift wrap, and view the contents in it, he smiled broadly and put his head back on the bed."

The boy told the Santa that people say his life would not be much longer, and asked where he would go after death.

"When you get there, say that you are the number one elf from the Santa, and I know that they will let you in."

The little child got up, embraced him warmly, "Santa can you help me?"

But. Before he answered the question, the boy died in his arms.

All families who see aware of the situation, the child's mother immediately ran inside shouting.

"No, no, not now!"

Eric understands the situation and give the child's body to her, he ran out of the room as soon as possible to the nurse room, he wept and bowed.

He almost decided to quit his job as Santa Claus, it was tough! Only the laughter of the children who can cure him.

"For them, and for me."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti – CNN Indonesia, USA Today
Image: Bailiwick Studios via Wikipedia


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