Café 'Robin Hood' for the Homeless

With the famous saying, 'take from the rich, give to the poor'

Café Commercial, Madrid in old times - Illustration

Robin Hood has been famous figure since an era in the past, they rob every peoples for sure, but they also consistently took it only from the ‘rich people’ and then give it to the ‘poor’.

If you look at the café building, they serve the guests who come in the morning until noon and sells coffee, croquetas, and other typical Spanish menu, Café Robin Hood is located in Madrid, it functions like a café in general.

But. You will be impressed by their mission is the reason for the establishment of the café, because at the night time when come, so review a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, this eating place turns into a dining room full of warmth for the homeless.

Every night, the café serves more than 100 homeless people and those who can not afford to buy food.

Of course you're curious about this café services, but according to the sites, The Independent, this place is run by a charitable Foundation of Mensajeros de la Paz that stood 54 years ago, which means Introduction Message of Peace. The foundation is using the technique of cross-subsidies to pay for all the food consumed by the homeless.

I thought you knew, because buyers are able, are asked to contribute to finance the expenses eating place for the homeless.

It is delivered by Rev. Ángel García Rodríguez, who founded Mensajeros de la Paz, "The business model of this café, we are asking for donations from customers coming in for breakfast and lunch, so we can provide a free dinner to the homeless and those who can not afford buying food."

A worthy ideals embodied in favor of a goodness to mankind, and find the most appropriate time when Pope Francis always campaigning importance dignify another person, then Pastor Rodríguez happen soon through an eating place.

Stand a good place, luxurious dining room, complete with warm food, start from appetizer, main dish and dessert.

"They treated the same as other customers who pay. They sat at a table with a tablecloth, candles and flowers. That's the point, everyone is equal."

And the homeless appreciate this cool eating place, the food was good, they said, as for Antonio Gutiérrez, a homeless person, a sumptuous dinner provided by the Café Robin Hood, tasted like heaven.

Ideal dreams can be realized, even though Spain co affected by the economic crisis in their country, Pastor Rodríguez still trying to feed the homeless, an average of 100 people each night.

I think it's time for the world-renowned chéf, moved to participate in this eating place.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Café Commercial, Madrid


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