Most Popular Food By Twitter Hashtags This Year - 1

10 most popular foods in 2016 were busy discussed in social media

Hot chocolate topped with whipped cream - Image credit Herrick

Popular foods discussed by users of social media, especially Twitter can be known through the facilities of the hashtag. They are, quoting the article on the sites detikFood, December 7, users are always excited to certain types of foods are preferred.

Through the sites, People, it summarized the most popular hashtag on Twitter meals throughout 2016. Despite there are always new in the culinary world, you can understand certain kinds of culinary becomes the topic.

I thought you were not surprised by the popularity of certain types of food or beverages are busy talking, and coffee apparently still ranked top followed by alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine which was also favored.

10. #Starbucks

The beverage products issued a special edition Red Cup to enliven the year-end holiday season. Starbucks paper cups are usually white turn red with attractive design decoration.

It is interesting to see the design and alloy cup drink coffee, so Starbucks busy discussed.

9. #Breakfast

Breakfast is still regarded as the most important menu daily by users. Next year this hashtag is predicted to remain popular, especially a lot of the restaurant chain issued a special breakfast menu.

8. #Beer

The beer is now present in the gluten-free version, so it is also enjoyed by the perpetrators of a healthy life. Viewed from the side of health, helpful beer component in preventing Alzheimer's disease.

7. #Chocolate

This is a popular cuisine and favorite bt the many people, of various ages. Next year even more people predict chocolate cake popular as a breakfast menu.

6. #Water

No need to wonder, water is needed throughout the day. Besides eliminate thirst, water consumption in sufficient quantities is good for health. Ranging from preventing dehydration to help focus throughout the day. You still find the hashtag #Water on these social media sites in the future.

The presence of social media sites is to give every user the opportunity to convey what he likes, or vice versa.

In the second part of this article will be delivered food and other favorite drinks discussed on Twitter.

Continued to Part 2.

Source: A Annisa Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood,
Image: Herrick via Wikipedia


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