Magic Solution for Who Perplexed to Select Foods

KFC develop technology to determine the food menu based on the customer's face

Restaurant menu, illustration

Choosing a delicious food that would be eaten at a restaurant often makes you confused, and the food menu in your hand just in vain. Without the slightest reaction from you who will eat something delicious.

Everything looks yummyy... and you're getting confused to choose the right foods when you eat it, so as reviews of the sites CNN Indonesia, December 30, even when choosing the food could have been longer than the wait for food to come or even time to eat it.

Now you need not worry, in the near future, a resident of Beijing, China will no longer confused when select foods in restaurants.

Interesting idea of fast-food chicken restaurant KFC in cooperation with Baidu which is developing technology to determine the diet based solely on the customer's face. As known before they ever tried it with the robot at a restaurant in Shanghai.

A site that discusses technology issues, TechCrunch, wrote a facial scan technology development for consumers who seem confused to choose the menu.

You want to know how they get started? Certainly through the menu recommendations will be given based on the criteria of age, gender, and facial expressions.

Very fun when you're in a restaurant, with a face scan, customers do not have to bother to think of food you want and say it. The system will see facial expressions, moods guess, infer the identity of the customer, and adjust to the menu as they see fit.

Say then in restaurants present a man 20s, the system will recommend the crispy chicken, grilled chicken wings, and cola for lunch. Meanwhile, when present are middle-aged women, the system will recommend the porridge and soy milk for breakfast.

According to Baidu, there's always something is not perfect, not all customers would like the recommendations of the system. Of course supplied manual selection mode, and when it comes back, the system will recognize the customer and recommend favorite menu ever ordered customers at the time.

Believe me, if the facial scan system applied at a restaurant, then the status of the restaurant is nominated to be the smart restaurant prototype. But. The most important thing is the customer satisfied with the menu being served.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, TechCrunch
Image: E Widi


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