Unique Job, Reviewer of 10 Fried Chicken Restaurants

New unique profession a fried chicken restaurant reviewers in Australia

Belles Chicken and Waffle - Belles Hot Chicken, Sydney

Reviewers of a fried chicken restaurant is the kind of work that unexpected by anyone, a type of work that can be present because of a situation, but something distinctive are served to eat fried chicken.

Times is constantly changing and increasingly diverse human needs, including as a special order, eat chicken in restaurants that sell fried chicken.

But. You need to know, such reviews in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, today, if someone likes eating and wants to always eat in every job, then it becomes a fried chicken restaurant reviewers can be a solution.

Specifically another review obtained from the sites Mashable, the founder and CEO Airtasker, Tim Fung, opening vacancy on the internet to be a restaurant reviewers.

He gave reservation to anyone who is interested, that they must be willing to taste and review fried chicken restaurant other than fast food restaurants in Australia.

"I will pay A $ 500 and all the costs that are used to review 10 fried chicken restaurant in 10 days."

Well, say you received as per the requirements requested by the CEO Airtasker, then they will soon give the task to the nine places recommended by Fung, namely Mary's, Thirsty Bird, Belles Hot Chicken, Thievery, Butter, and Seoul Orizin. In addition there is a restaurant Juicy Lucy, Chicken Institute, and an Indonesian’s resto “Ayam Goreng 99”.

This is the fun work for the lucky reviewers, their gets the freedom to choose one of the other restaurants of his/her own choice.

You have to believe that if a job is worth hunted by job seekers, in addition to an attractive salary and not cut to the cost of the meal, the reviewers are tasted at a cost of Tim "CEO" Fung.

One reviewer wrote about his impressions, "I do not need 10 days, give me five days I'll finish, or even just three days."

Then, the task of the applicants is to convince Tim "CEO" Fung to accept them in work teams "fried chicken" in Airstaker company. Certainly!

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, Mashable
Image: Belles Hot Chicken, Sydney, Australia


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