No Talking in Japanese Ramen Restaurant

The Restaurant "Ichiran" with their new branch in Brooklyn, New York

Typical Japanese resto

The procedure of eating becomes one of the principles for the Japanese people, in general they were very rarely speak when they're eating, do not do more striking, except for meals, and just eat.

The Japanese people are always creative in culinary, and you will never hesitate to innovations that they make in a food product, it is featured in the CNN Indonesia, December 13th, on the innovation of restaurants in Fukuoka, Japan, which provides the sensation of eating ramen different than usual.

If you're in Brooklyn, writes on the site Travel and Leisure, there is a Japanese restaurant, "Ichiran", known in its native country since 1960, and this resto is a new branch in New York opened since Oct. 19th.

It appears from the outside of the building of this restaurant as befits a Japanese restaurant in general, but you'd be surprised with the system implemented by the owner.

When you eat is the normal way, however, the procedure is very unique and new meal you find them today, because visitors are not allowed to interact for dining. You will be asked to enter a room, called 'Taste Concentration Room' where there is a small table surrounded by a divider, a kind of wall for perimeter.

How can you imagine in such a small space, just room for eating, there is no other way you can do, eat and just eat!

So what can you do? True, a visitor occupied a separate room.

If you want something, for example refill drinking water, just press the little dispenser at the booth, without the need to call the waiter. Unique, isn't it?

In the room has been provided a list of menu, mounted cardboard sheet provides instructions for ordering and others are fairly detailed.

There is still another surprise, that each chamber has direct access to the kitchen, and you will be spoiled by the cooks deliver food directly to the table of visitors through the counter. Once the food is presented, the booth was closed its window blinds.

And. You can immediately eat in silence, looking at the walls of the room, alone and only eat food according your order.

How? Do you like it? No talk, no date with your mate. Eating and aloof.

Source: A Ekasari Larasati - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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