Communicating with Strangers When Traveling

Proper etiquette when meeting someone in a sightseeing trip

Tourist eating ice cream, Stockholm - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Ethics communicate with others, or even a local resident on a sightseeing trip can be something valuable in the long run. You never know maybe someone can become a business partner or someone important in your life.

In the course of travel, you might just boarded an airplane, train or other modes of transportation, but every encounter with someone requires certain procedures.

You can start a conversation, but there are some ethics that must be observed to begin talks with your seatmate.

Citing an interview on the sites KompasTravel, December 29, to a psychologist, J James, "It's important to talk with the topic of shared experiences. For example, delay the trip, the food was bad, very cold AC, or turbulence that can break the silence."

Sightseeing trips can also provide a surprise, as the meeting with the attractive opposite sex, say a man on his way to meet with an attractive woman.

According to the psychologist, J James says there is a special trick to approach people you do not know and have met while traveling. Probably good advice, if you're interested, but need to be careful, and put yourselves in a good position.

"If there is interest should carefully paced. Sitting next to the person it is flirting bad position, make the person uncomfortable. This position is also not provide a good angle for your appearance."

The best advice, he said, are to sit or stand opposite each other is the best position, then give eye contact a few seconds longer than usual, and see whether the person giving eye contact just like you.

It's only a short time, a split second, and you'll know. When you catch the signal, yes, through eye contact, meaning introductions can begin.

You can use some of the best ways, launch your introduction, come up with a humorous small talk. Believe me, humor, according to the psychologist, J James, is the best way to flirt.

Furthermore, after the situation becomes more comfortable with the conversation, it's up to you to continue.

Well, how about the opposite situation? You just want to avoid the chatter of strangers while on the way that makes you uncomfortable.

"Attach the flat expression by avoiding eye contact, do not focus on any object, and the view goes up as the sky. It makes the face look miserable, but it's a lizard survival techniques so as not to be attacked by a snake."

You too can occupy yourself with gadgets, make as if there are important things you should do with your gadget.

He said that often the travelers made the biggest mistake in communicating with strangers on a trip with continued staring, trying eye contact with the stranger, too many questions, and touched the person you've just met.

Please, don't do it again!

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Dailymail
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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