How to "Survive" in Long-haul Flights

There are 25 ways that is worth trying in an air travel

Passengers getting into the departure gate - Image credit M Kretyawan

Holiday to a far place in the country which might also far, maybe you have to travel up to 20 hours or less. Interesting reviews on the site KompasTravel, December 23rd, based on the experience of many tourists in the world.

Indeed, you will feel so excited to make the trip, citing the article on the sites Daily Mail, there are at least 25 ways you can do that you "survive" in the long-haul flights.

1. Buy tickets ahead of time and online check-in as early as possible. This is done because of considerations to pick position of the seat on the plane. Seat end portion is preferable to be able to spread your legs.

2. Lightweight luggage. Bring necessary items into the aircraft cabin.

3. Plan strategically seat. Avoid sitting in a chair inside, because you know the hassles when trying to toilet.

4. Use air miles. You can use bonus "air miles" to increase class airplane seat.

5. Buying Premium Economy class. If it has no "air miles", you should buy a Premium Economy seat to seat a larger and longer leg room. The price is worth it for the long haul flights.

6. Bring moisturizer. Your skin will be prone to dry while in the air, especially long-haul flights. Bring moisturizer with a small size in your bag.

7. Preparation of jet lag. You can set the sleep hours before departure. Adjust the time of your destination country.

8. Fully charge the battery of your gadgets. Make sure it before leaving, so you have an alternative activity while in the air.

9. Check-in via the Internet. Surely you do not experience stress at the time line at the airport check-in counter, do check in via the Internet.

10. Bring a blindfold. Maybe you can not sleep the whole way. But. The announcement and the lights in the cabin glare can interfere your sleep, so that you can sleep more comfortably.

11. Wear socks. Choose socks that can facilitate the circulation of blood.

12. Sleeping pills. Use when you were very hard to sleep, before heading off first consult with a physician to take sleeping pills.

13. Use comfortable clothes. Clothes looser and made comfortable.

14. Keep your luggage. Nothing wrong to put your 'precious' luggage in waist bag.

15. Drink plenty of mineral water. It is necessary to avoid dehydration when a long haul flight, drink plenty of mineral water.

16. Bring a good quality headphones. Although the airline supplied good quality earphone, but for better sound bring your own headphones.

Ask for help from flight attendants - Image credit Singapore Airlines

17. Download a movie on your tablet or your gadget. Maybe you want to watch a movie on your choice, although there is a similar in-flight entertainment.

18. Bring a neck pillow. Bring a neck pillow to sleep better quality personal time on a plane.

19. Foot mild sports. Of course you want to be more relaxed, and feet remain energized and no current lackluster at best.

20. Stay productive. You want to do office work and do not want to waste time in flight.

21. Bring snacks. Some aircraft that allows you to be able to bring snacks. You can also bring snacks that are already in the packaging, odorless and dry.

22. Set your watch. You can set your watch according to the time of the country of destination, so that your mind and body begin to adapt.

23. Mechanical breathing. Every breath you breathe and remove, it necessary. It is a meditation technique, so that the muscles become more relaxed body and the body remains active.

24. Behave well. Much good when positive behavior to anyone in the plane. Certainly good for your health and your body.

25. If all of the above fail... Perhaps this is an interesting choice, but can be tried by drinking alcohol supplied by the flight crew.

Many are recommended not to drink alcohol while on long-haul flights, although small portions and taste can make the body more relaxed.

All the way is intended to make your trip better, and flights will be fun. Happy Landing!

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Dailymail
Image: Singapore Airlines


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