Meghan Markle Favorite, the Fries and Wine

She was an actress who understood all the ‘yummy’ food

Meghan Markle at the Toronto International Film Festival - Image credit GabboT

The tasty food, who would not want to try? A Meghan Markle that looks so healthy toned body of hers. Media spotlight, when the news journalist caught on camera during a date with Prince Harry, her name belongs to the wider community.

Ignore the other issues, including starring roles in "Suits", talking about Meghan Markle is also talk about the culinary world, so articles a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, last December 6th, the Meghan body looked lovely tempting, even though she is currently not follow strict diet and crazy exercise.

Reviews of herself on a website, E Online, revealed that she liked the fries, as well as pasta and steak sauce. She was also present it in an interview to the Delish sites, "French fries and vino is my favorite."

She claimed that she was willing to replace desserts with 'large-sized glass red drink' at any time.

Let's look for some kind of wine that might match with the preferences of Meghan Markle, you know, her favorite wine is Tignanello, so she coined the term "The Tig" on her webpage.

Speaking with Meghan does make you 'drunk', she has personality that is easily socialize, and she kept saying something that became her favorite, you'll know more, besides Tignanello she also really like Argentinian Malbecs, France Cabernet, and Pinot Noir from Oregon.

You can look at her closely, when she ate the fries and wine, a dish that want to continue with it throughout the year. Great!

I think she is quite aware of her role in the world of acting, while filming, she says always choose to eat healthy foods.

Salad with bread - Image credit cyclonebill

Late afternoon into the weekend, maybe you want to know what to do with her in order to stay healthy? She chose a glass of warm lemon water in the morning, and a breakfast bowl of oats mixed with banana and agave syrup.

The menu for the day, she said, salads and meals with protein content, an apple, sea salt, and almond butter into a snack in the afternoon.

Meghan Markle indeed the person who likes delicious food, when the evenings, she immediately enjoyed the pasta with zucchini and parmesan cheese, and of course a glass of wine. Not to forget the vegetable juice to bedtime ritual.

Ah, it's done with her, and this weekend is the good time with a special friend, maybe I will follow dinner ala Meghan Markle.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, E Online, Delish
Image: Wikipedia,


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