Christmas Traditions in Several Countries

A number of countries prepare to hold their annual Christmas tradition

Christmas market, Germany

Christmas celebrations will arrive and soon many countries of the world do the celebration of the traditions of each held enumerated by the followers of Jesus.

Even the tradition of celebration going on in the countries of the majority of the population are not Christians.

Christmas moment, Rockefeller Centre, New York, USA


This country began to celebrate Christmas since December 13, which is referred to as the day of celebration of the arrival of Christianity there. They also call it the Day of Saint Lucia, as a marker of the murder of the Christian girl named Lucia who died defending his beliefs.

Some girls wear a long white dress, red pashmina, with a crown of lighted or wax. They will perform in the church choir or visiting hospitals to distribute pepparkakor or gingerbread.

Saint Lucia's Day is also celebrated in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Bosnia and Croatia.


They exchanged gifts and hospitality has been felt since the beginning of December, when the Christmas market is held all the needs related to Christmas.

Day of joy to small children, and December 6th became the most awaited. The night before, they'd put the shoes at the front door in hopes that Saint Nicholas would come and fill it with chocolate or candy.


They celebrate it as a tradition but still held with great fanfare. Centered on the city of Mumbai that began with a mass parade on December 24th.

Christmas Baba or Santa Claus will enliven the event. Christmas decorations adorn every home, with trees of foliage banana or mango into their Christmas tree.

You can also see them lit a candle on the roof of the house, as signifying that Jesus has brought to light for his people.

South Korea

The country held a most festive Christmas celebrations in Asia. Since the beginning of December, the building of the church was decorated by beautiful lights, as well as shopping centers and hotels with decorations that are large and luxurious.

Christmas gift most often given is that cash, and generally received was a small child and an unmarried man.

Santa Claus sightings different from what you know, as long as they lasted Christmas wearing blue shirt.


This country is predominantly non-Christian religion, but Christmas is a festive celebration. Take a look at a number of malls, hotels and other public places has even put up shades of red and white ornaments since early December.

The celebration of Christmas takes place in a large church that began mass execution on December 24th and worship on December 25th.

You can visit the Cathedral Church in Central Jakarta with the Catholics, neo-gothic church style of Europe were built since 1901 and designed by a Dutch priest, Anthony Dijkmans.

You will be interested, because the church is opposite the Istiqlal mosque, which is the center of worship for Muslims.


Indeed, they took the afternoon of December 25, but because it commemorates the death of the country's founding father, Ali Jinnah.

Celebration of Christmas or called Bara Din, centered at the Cathedral Church of Saint Anthony in Lahore. As a note at the beginning of last month, the Christian community there recently held a peaceful parade as one of the Christmas celebration.

Houses will decorate the roof with big star lights decoration to mark the coming of Jesus. After church on December 25th, in the evening the fireworks began.

The entire community welcomed the celebration with brightly colored clothes will take to the streets to enjoy the music and food.


They celebrate Christmas that also called Noche Buena since December 12th until January 6th. And be a moment awaited by small children, because there are a lot of activities for them.

On December 24th, they will perform Posada theater play, a story about the journey of Jesus' birth. There is also a Pastorelas theater, a story about a sheep who are looking for the baby Jesus.

After the church ceremony on December 25th, they will come to the party to play beat the piñata paper balls, star-shaped with seven stalks, as a symbol of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Anyone who managed to beat the piñata until it is destroyed entitled to a chocolate or candy in it.


Christmas celebrations lasted from November 28th through January 6 in conjunction with the New Year celebration. Catholics in Russia fasting on December 24th, until the first stars visible in the night sky, signifying Christmas has arrived.

When breaking the fast, they will not eat meat or fish, but oatmeal named sochivo.

Besides Santa and his grandson called Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, they also believe in the legend of Babushka, the Russian woman who met Jesus.

Tradition is part of the culture of society in various places in the world, and became an interesting moment for anyone. Despite every celebration has a spiritual relationship that brings peace.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia
Image: W Sjahran - Wolfsburg, L Priyanti - New York


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