Trump Fish, New “Masgouf” Dish in Iraq

Restaurant owner of Nedyar Zawity located in Duhok

Zawity "Trump Fish" Restaurant, Duhok, Iraq

The grilled fish as a specialty dish known as masgouf, in Duhok, which requires one hour journey from Mosul, Iraq, and according to reports is quite close to the site of the battle of ISIS.

The eating place owner is Nedyar Zawity, a creative restaurant entrepreneur who saw an opportunity, and this time he knew about the hoopla of news during the presidential elections in the United States last November.

He knows that Donald Trump is an international magnet by media coverage, as reviewed by the site CNN Indonesia, December 16, and caught a good opportunity for his business. His efforts were built on the corner of Iraq is the grilled fish restaurants.

You know, he really inspired by Trump, so its name is “Trump Fish”. Great!

And more inspired is the restaurants logo caricature, the Trump face, and has just inaugurated this month, December 2016, according to excerpts from the sites Reuters.

Nedyar Zawity, a young businessman, 31 years old, just want to do business in the culinary, and have no attention to political issues, but the Trump character was able to move himself and his reputation as a businessman. No wonder when he registered the name of his carp restaurant to the local government.

He was good man and made to focus only on foods that are often found in the country, the restaurant offers only one type of food, masgouf, a kind of grilled fish from the river spiced olive oil, pepper, lemon, and spices.

Zawity did give respect to the Trump figure, cause Trump promising support to Kurds and Peshmerga fighters, in his election campaign, which is contrary to the desire of many people in Western countries.

"The name Trump loved in Kurdistan."

Not surprisingly, Trump became the new idol for the Kurds because of the campaign, a few months ago, praising the talent and loyalty Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers in the fight against ISIS.

Now you know the name of that restaurant, right? I think when you have a chance you should try the Zawity recipes, 'Trump Factor' invited many customers, including Westerners who live in town.

And many guest customers from the West to his restaurant such as presenting a new atmosphere.

If you're at a Zawity restaurant these days, don't hesitate to order his carp ‘masgouf’ dishes sold for US $ 10 per kilogram, and he will welcome customers with open arms.

Now he has had a new business plan with a restaurant in the United States, he looked into his plans. Excellent!

"Give me a visa and I'll go tomorrow."

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: Nedyar Zawity


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