Cheapest Destinations for Year-End Holidays in Asia

Bangkok became the cheapest destinations differ slightly with Bali and Cebu

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Peninsula, Bali

Year-end holidays is getting closer, and the choice of traveling to Asia can be the choice of the tourists, in addition to a popular Chinese holiday, this time Bangkok got the top spot.

Indeed chose Bangkok arguing in the background is processed from the booking sites, TripAdvisor is make a list of them, 10 year-end favorite holiday destination for tourists in Southeast Asia.

Citing articles on the site KompasTravel last December 5, review the list of attractive tourist options, compiled based on the data entered into the database sites of TripAdvisor for the holiday period from 1 December 2016-28 February 2017.

As presented by Janice Lee Fang, Communication Director TripAdvisor Asia Pacific, that they draw up a list which is in line with the year-end holiday season and a great moment celebration of the Chinese New Year and Valentine.

You can see the list of destination choice for tourists from Southeast Asia with the best times and the cheapest, as contained in the list of top 10 tourist destinations.

1. Bangkok - Thailand, January 16, 2017
2. Cebu - Philippines, January 30, 2017
3. Bali - Indonesia, February 20, 2017
4. Phuket - Thailand, February 13, 2017
5. Luzon - Philippines, February 6, 2017

6. Boracay - Philippines, February 6, 2017
7. Hong Kong, February 6, 2017
8. Seoul - South Korea, February 13, 2017
9. Singapore, February 6, 2017
10. Tokyo - Japan, January 9, 2017

Indeed, most of the tourists then chose Bangkok as their goal, of course through some of the considerations and their previous experience, such as the reason for the consideration of the most cost cheap and affordable.

You can calculate it yourself by doing some sort of comparison, the average amount of spending during a week's holiday in Bangkok was USD 1,200, and this fee is already included airfare, hotel, meals, and the cost to do the tour.

These figures differ very thin with a choice of trips to the island of Bali, let's say you're on vacation to Bali for one week at the end of the year, will cost about USD 1.303, inclusive of airfare, hotel, meals, and the cost of the tour. True, only slightly different, so is the choice of the rating is divided evenly into two this tourist area.

In addition to these two popular tourist destinations, travel choice at affordable cost are still open to the island of Cebu, Philippines, because tourists will be affected by the cost of approximately US $ 1,220, for a vacation for a week, including with other costs such as the above.

Maybe you want to know where traveled with the highest costs according to the site?

You can vacation in Tokyo, Japan with an estimated budget of USD 1,910 per week, and a vacation to Singapore also includes options for day trips is quite expensive, with an estimated budget of USD 1,655 in the week vacation trip.

Have a good vacation!

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, TripAdvisor
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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