Things To Know Before Holidays in New York - 2

10 things you need to know in an exciting trip to New York

Statue of Liberty, New York

Statue of Liberty in the southern area of the city, you'll agree with the grandeur of this city's icons, symbols depicting hope and spirit that is not stopping. City that promises an exceptional experience for 24 hours for tourists who visit.

The second part is to continue the previous section with five other things you need to know, and this section gives a detailed overview of more interest to anyone.

Exploring New York City (NYC) non-stop will provide its own unique experience for tourists, as reviewed on a sites, CNN Indonesia, along with an impressive surprises when you were in New York.

6. Many transportation options

You feel spoiled for choice, buses, trains, taxis are available to take up online taxi around the city. Buses and trains are available at the rate of US $ 31 unlimited for 7 days.

You can choose a guided tour around the city can be a rate of about US $ 50 for 48 hours.

7. Do not forget to tip

One of the habits in America, and even become a culture as a must for tourists. We recommend that you set up the US $ 2-5 for a tip for taxi drivers or a bellboy.

In the restaurant you have a choice of tip listed bon purchases ranging from 15-20 percent of the transaction amount, except a fast food restaurant where a tip is given voluntarily.

8. Surprise meet the Celebrities

New York has a lot of big events, such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions, or even the world fashion week New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

Say in this city you can see a Coldplay concert with tickets starting at US $ 100, you might be lucky to watch Gwen Stefani & Eve Tipping with approximately US $ 25 ticket.

You can also enjoy the artistic atmosphere together with local artists who fill the stage in bars precinct. They are friendly to tourists, such as Manhattan Transfer, Boys II Men, to meet with Puff Daddy.

Other luck is when unexpected moments passed with Leonardo DiCaprio or Taylor Swift when they were shopping in SOHO.

The Rockefeller, New York

9. Place a large shopping mall concept is very rare in NYC

Perhaps only Macy's, Bloomingdale, or Woodbury. The city has many shops that offer coupon concept, so visitors are strongly advised to visit the visitor center prior to shopping to get the coupon book.

You can satisfy the desire to spend, when any buy or falter in your groceries, the stores in this town providing "full return" facilities, so that the buyer can return up to three months after purchase.

10. Cities with lots of choices

New York City is overwhelming, jargon that is often heard among tourists, because you're provided with a variety of options. No wonder they dub as well as "A City of Movie Scenes".

You can also visit the great museums. There are more than five leading museums in the city. What about the high rise building? There are at least three buildings that can be visited commercially, namely the One World Trade Center, Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit beautiful bridges like the Brooklyn Bridge or the legendary city park Central Park.

Things of interest in the city of New York, and tourists approve these things. Completing the first part being delivered previously to be known by tourists in the city of New York.

Travelers like a sightseeing trip, and a big city like New York can give unexpected surprises.

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Source: S Stevanus Suryono - CNN Indonesia
Image: L Priyanti - New York


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