Three World's Longest Flight Route

Flight route with a distance of 9008 miles in about 17 hours from Qantas


Long haul flights of is always a challenge for a passenger, you can imagine the boredom that will be experienced by most of the passengers on the plane, they will find ways to counter the flight distance.

But you know, when it had been in the air, as reviewed by KompasTravel sites, often in a long flight can dampen the enthusiasm.

Eg long haul flights operated by the Australian airline, Qantas, began in March 2018, Qantas will operate these Perth, Australia to London, England as far as 9008 miles.

Another quote from the sites Huffington Post, Monday, December 26, collecting three flights with the longest route in the world now operating.

1. Delhi-San Francisco, Air India

These were undertaken by Air India airline route Delhi, India toward San Francisco, United States of America in the autumn of 2016. The trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean is listed as the world's longest flight route with a distance of 9,400 miles and reached within 14.5 hours flight.

2. The Auckland-Dubai, Emirates

Flight takes approximately 17 hours of flying for a distance of 8820 miles from Auckland, New Zealand to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The aircraft used is a Boeing 777, which is made specifically for long haul flights.

3. Dallas-Sydney, Qantas

It takes 16 hours of flight with the distance of 8577 miles from Dallas, Texas to Sydney, Australia.

Until now, the airline route will continue to grow long flight, Qantas and other airlines continue to compete operate these long flights more.

For the record, after the October 2016 Singapore Airlines operate these non-stop flights from Singapore to San Francisco, and in 2018 will open a new route non-stop flights from Singapore to New York with a distance of 19 hours as far as 10 252 miles.

There is a sense of its own for passengers when they undergo such flights, imagine being in the air for so long.

Most of the passengers being proactive, they seemed eager, if it will be a vacation to distant destinations.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Huffington Post
Image: Qantas


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