In 'Love' with the Burgers and Keep it in the Museum

Florida man makes a special museum to store everything related

Sef Gonzalez The Burger Beast

When you fall in love, what you want to do every day, whether it is in the words of a song, it will be forever? Or you do not want to do anything, because the heart is so turbulent?

But. With love one can do everything, all seemed so magical. Terrific, isn’t it?

An interesting story was written in the article a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, when a man from Florida to do so, he fell in love with the burgers and want to keep them in a museum.

Sef Gonzalez opened a Burger Museum by Burger Beast in Miami, written in the sites Lonely Planet, come on if you want to look into it, there are two thousand items to give 'homage' to the burger.

All matters related to the collected since seven years ago, when a friend gave him the chéf's burger signature.

The building is quite sizable measuring 139 square meters, you will see an employee uniforms, photographs and original signature from the burger owner, Styrofoam to save the Whopper from Burger King and many other burger brands, such as McDonald's, White Castle, and Wendy's.

Gonzalez has a few favorite in the museum, "Two of my favorite objects come from regional burger restaurants that now no longer exists, Burger Castle."

Then he showed the original collection of watches from Burger Castle as well as a set of Burger Castle blueprint in 1966, from a burger store that stood in Hialeah, Florida in 1964.

If someone can fall in love, it is a million great, especially when the feeling had been buried for a long time, he said it had since adolescence.

"My life is and always about the burgers. I do not remember when I had never thought of the burger. My love for them grew bigger and became an obsession since I started writing a blog. It's interesting for me to open the museum."

Burger Castle is gone, even he had never eaten there, but instead he routinely collect all objects, such as chefarefactss burger of other various burger brands.

Love is amazing, and you know everything is possible.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet,
Image: The Burger Beast


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