Perfect Charcoal Fire Barbeque at New Year's Eve

Celebrating the New Year will be more lively with barbeque party

Barbecue - Image credit Marco Verch

New Year's Eve party in a moment, it did not wait for the moment of the crowds in the city center, it is for some people they will celebrate together with other townspeople in the town center.

But if you decided to celebrate it on a limited basis with family or friends work or other closest friends, without the presence of others who are less well known, perhaps by holding a barbecue party can make it festive.

Why not, right? Held a New Year's Party with a barbeque party, citing article on the site CNN Indonesia, today, not least the atmosphere of splendor. You can enjoy a variety of delicious food, but with barbeque charcoal does require great fire.

It might look easy to make a fire with charcoal, but in fact it makes it not that simple. As reviews from other sites, detikFood, reviewing how to make to make a charcoal fire with a few tricks.

1. Select the appropriate charcoal

You can select the type of charcoal in the market, for example wood charcoal, coconut shell charcoal and briquettes. But you have to know every kind of charcoal has a different character.

Each type of charcoal has its own ways and tricks for more leverage is used, the charcoal from the wood before it is used, it must be dried in the sun until completely dry.

Coconut shell charcoal and briquette is different, can be directly used. Charcoal from coconut shell has a fire that is more durable than wood charcoal.

While briquettes are considered to have embers more durable.

2. Newsprint and fire from the stove

It is known that the fire could 'creep' in embers quickly, you can take advantage of old newspapers. Turn fire on newsprint, then place the charcoal on it. Let the fire burn until it becomes charcoal embers.

In addition to newsprint, the burner can also be used to light the coals. Of course do almost the same as burning charcoal on top of the stove.

3. Use vegetable oil

Another way to facilitate quick embers lit, you can use gasoline or kerosene. However, to these two ingredients will give the sharp smell of the food, of course guests will be little bit to complain.

You can replace the function of kerosene and gasoline with vegetable oil. Simply by splashing oil before burning the charcoal.

And, the New Year's Eve party will take place both, you and all family members happy. Close friends will appreciate the entire event very well. Happy New Year 2017!

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, detikFood
Image: Marco Verch via Wikipedia


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