“Avatar” Exhibition in Taipei

"Avatar: Discover Pandora" was held in Taipei for the first time

Taipei 101 buiding, Taipei, Taiwan

Great adventure of Avatar is able to make fans so obsessed with the life of the Na'vi tribe is in a distant moon, Pandora. An epic tale for the nation face the evil corporations that ignore the 'humanity' of the tribe.

You will remember it well, science fiction film “Avatar”, 2009, which depicts the struggle of Jake Sully in Pandora, a lush and tempting place for anyone, habitat for the tribe of Na'vi, human-like creature with a primitive life and have the ability as human beings ,

The extraordinary life that must be faced by Sully, through the Avatar's body, a life full of dangers, but with the enchanting nature and culture.

Confusion for himself in the duty to Pandora, the dilemma between helping his company, crazy goal of corporate crime that ignore the 'human side' for mining unobtanium, or defend the Na'vi tribe and her lover, Neytiri.

Well, what if all the charm in the film comes close to you?

They are, as described in the article on the sites Lonely Planet, December 12, present in an interactive exhibition, "Avatar: Discover Pandora" will last for three months, before then will move to various countries over the next five years.

City of Taipei have the first opportunity, and this exhibition was held at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Xinyi Place A11 6F, Xinyi Theatre, as reviewed by the tourist sites, KompasTravel, today, when you are present at the exhibition, you can satisfy yourselves of all such events directly in the epic movie.

The exhibition, which tempt the fans, I think you're obliged to come to this, a variety of animals and the fictional world of Avatar, on the moon Pandora. The tourists which visit can learn about science and ecology, so that education can become a tourist destination.

Downtown Taipei Image credit K Li Na

Visitors present were carried over into the realm of dreams, learn various facts and myths about the inhabitants of Pandora the Na'vi tribe in an interactive, visitors can see, feel, hear directly the world of Pandora.

Imagine, if you hover to a place on Pandora, forget temporarily about Jake Sully and Neytiri, this time yourself walk down to the Hallelujah Mountains, Tree of Souls, as well as the installation of some of the fauna of Pandora as Banshee, Direhorse, and Viperwolf.

And, part of which is able to mesmerize you are touching directly the plant that produces light (bioluminescence) spread throughout Pandora.

Believe me, this is a dream place that is able to make you forget to return home.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet
Image: Deetje Tobing


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