Destinations to Celebrate Christmas with Budget

Country and the city's most expensive and the cheapest in the world

Times Square, New York

Christmas and New Year holidays is a special moment that should not be missed because it contains many surprises to welcome the arriving New Year in time not long anymore.

Even for some circles to celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays it was feasible in different places every year.

But. I think deserves to get references from various places that could be an option, as reviewed in lifestyle website, CNN Indonesia, today, because the tourists can choose a tourist place in accordance with a budget that has been considered.

Reviewed by a tourist site on the list of a result of the release of a flying site, Kiwi, about the country and the most expensive and the cheapest city in the world.

Travellers who have austerity will take into account all the things, for example, by the release, they are quite sensitive to price, cost includes accommodation, food, transport to a entertainment event tickets "The Nutcracker" theater.

They were meticulous in seeing the type of popular shopping items, such as perfume, Barbie dolls, and toy Lego “Star Wars” Millennium Falcon series.

However, tourists who choose the city according to their interests and preferences on certain things, so it is not too concerned in choosing the most expensive city.

Of course you want to know the cities of the most expensive and the cheapest for travelers, especially if they want to celebrate Christmas. The following destinations list released cost estimates by Kiwi website and reported by Travel and Leisure.

You would not be surprised if New York ranked top as the most expensive destination for Christmas shopping and sightseeing with a total cost of US $ 1,131.08. They wrote that visiting New York called the most expensive city at US $ 762.34.

Iceland's capital, Reykjavik as a second highest Christmas destination with a total cost of US $ 1,014.80, followed by Copenhagen for US $ 999.87, Bern for US $ 974.58 and Geneva for US $ 959.82.

Furthermore, the following ratings are Washington, D.C. with a total cost of US $ 589.44, followed by Bern, Switzerland US $ 563.06, and Geneva for US $ 548.30, and San Francisco US $ 540.44.

For the shopping enthusiast, the city of Jakarta, Indonesia referred to as the most expensive city for US $ 568.49 and the second is the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires amounted to US $ 561.46, followed by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil US $ 561.11, US $ 556 Reykjavik, Iceland, 24, and Shanghai, China US $ 545.96.

Do not worry about the issue for the Christmas and New Year holidays on the most expensive cities, cause there are cities in the lowest category, such as Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for US $ 122.46, while the cheapest shopping is Belfast, Northern Ireland for US $ 293.07.

And, even in a city that holds the record for the lowest category of destinations for Christmas, traveling and shopping is as well Bratislava, Slovakia.

The choice of course returned to the tourists who decide.

Source: A Ekasari Larasati - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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