Giving Tips in Some Countries

The big difference in the number of how many to give a tip

Sushi Resto, Tokyo

Rules of tipping is always not easy for anyone, especially the tourists who frequently travel to different countries in the adjacent.

You would need time to understand the character and habits in a country where you are traveling with friends or family nearby. And, I guarantee that you will always be surprised by all the differences.

It is basically, in the review of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, tipping is voluntary, but there is an unwritten rule in some countries that require you to leave a tip at a restaurant or taxi.

Always so interesting to see the differences, such as excerpts from other sites, Lonely Planet, create articles compiled by Caroline Walton, chief customer of The Money Shop, that travelers should know the rules of tipping in different countries.

I think she's right, because the tip is always dealt with in the course of your budget, but it also is related case of the issue of ethics in a tourist destination.

You can consider many things, say when you're in countries like the United States and Canada, where workers are always expecting a tip of their customers are being served through their services.

No need to wonder with the situation in the United States, because the service workers often get paid per hour is very low, so it got a tip can be as a way to supplement their income.

The article suggested that always keep an eye on excessive tipping is not related to the budget, it is better to separate its change in different wallets. On the other hand you also continue to prepare enough money to pay the grocery bill.

Now you go to other places, for example in Thailand, you will be impressed with the custom in this country, they have no obligation to accept a tip. Although according to the standards in force also tipping can be considered as a sign of courtesy or respect to the person who give their services.

Conversely if you're traveling to Japan, be careful in this country, tipping is not expected. In fact, give a percent is defined as a rude gesture. Do not be surprised if you are riding the taxi, the drivers (or waiters in restaurant) reimburse the tip you give.

So that a sightseeing trip can be so much fun, but also pay attention to the local customs and the specific rules that apply in the country of destination choice.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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