Rice Burger, New Culinary Star in Sydney

Burger mainstay of the restaurants "Gojima" that made of rice

Rice burger - Image credit Gojima Restaurant

The new culinary creations presence in Australia or rather in a restaurant located at “The Star” casino complex and immediately opened on Thursday, December 15th, Restaurant "Gojima".

We recommend that you try out a new culinary, and that creativity seems to never stop, a masterpiece of chéf Chase Kojima, who had been active in the restaurant “Sokyo”, Sydney. You know when he himself was personally always looking for 'something’ new, his mind is always working and want to get a new innovation.

He is also known in action in 2015, a breakthrough by opening a pop-up cafeteria that serving ramen.

True, that's him! This already looks different burgers, citing the article on the sites CNN Indonesia, Wednesday, last December 14th, the shape is not round, but square, covered with sheets of nori. So, you do not expect burgers that you knew before, because he was replacing the bread with rice, Kojima also negate pickle, patty and gravy commonly found in most burger.

He deliberately added nori so the content is not scattered burger. He said in an interview on a culinary sites, Good Food.

"For me, the criteria of a good burger that is not splattered when eaten, because we use rice instead of bread, it takes a lot of experts."

I thought it would be many present curiosity of customers who come to this restaurant, guests will not find the normal burger, commonly with two handfuls of bun with vegetables and patty contents.

He needs a lot of experts, of course, the cooks, they are officers in the field, the creation of a burger, testing of various alloys rice and techniques, they also conduct research.

He said later in the interview article, "I gathered more than 10 kilograms of sample burgers from across Sydney."

He admits that if from many previous experiences, for example from a trip to Tokyo, in 2014, also when he traveled to Tasmania for tasting the salmon.

You need to know, that the various contents for a burger that is suitable for the bread, can not simply be applied to rice, he said. So he made a solid match rice burger with different contents.

"One of the flagship burger which is a combination of classic hamburger, Gojima cheeseburger. It is a combination of 100 percent of Angus beef, melted American cheese, tomatoes, Japanese pickles, onions, lettuce and special sauce."

Creativity seems to not want to stop, because the creator has a lot of other ideas, you can find other types of burgers with the contents of Tasmanian salmon, and yellow tail tuna.

Even you can try their new menu like katsu burgers.

Source: V Probo – CNN Indonesia, Good Food
Image: Gojima Restaurant, Sydney


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