Most Popular Food By Twitter Hashtags This Year - 2

10 most popular foods in 2016 which often become the talk of the users

The Coffee

The popularity in social media can be a blessing in disguise in the world of marketing, due to the height of the chirp of the users, talk about culinary. Quoting the sites detikFood, December 7 illustrates the variety of the favorite food and drinks by users of micro blogging site Twitter.

Users of social media using their favorite food or drink throughout 2016 via hashtag, such as pizza and wine. Citing article on the site, People as a way of twits that attracted the attention of fellow users.

5. #Pizza

Typical cuisine from Italy, but became popular in the United States is always flirting with a sprinkling of delicious toppings. This culinary seem practical to be enjoyed and can be filling.

You know when more and more unique and tasty pizza creations popping up, and no wonder when #Pizza hashtag much scattered.

4. #Wine

This drink is always a place in the hearts of users, in addition to beer, of course. Alcohol beverages from wine fermentation is increasingly favored by the millenial generation.

Wine is often associated with heart health. Other studies show that wine aroma can cope with Alzheimer's and dementia.

3. #Vegan

Vegan way of life increasingly popular, many people proclaim themselves as vegan, so they often upload vegan menus.

And you'll often see #Vegan hashtag that they simply want to be considered healthy by many.

2. #Coffee

You can understand when the coffee has a special place, coffee lovers have reached various places in the world. You found the millenial generation into a loyal generation of coffee lovers, and the lifestyle of their day-to-day.

Became prevalent when witnessing coffee shop and how to enjoy coffee of interest in the media made this caffeinated beverages so popular.

1. #Lemonade

Beverage typical North American origin have a place in the hearts of the users, in addition to quench the lemon-based drink is popular when Beyonce named her album "Lemonade".

Many people want to try to make some lemonade, solely because the upload of a concoction ala Beyonce by adding special ingredients such as lemon peel, so that lemonade version feels more fragrant and fresh.

Not unexpectedly conversations #Lemonade hashtag have become increasingly popular, beating other popular drinks such as water and coffee.

This section complements the article in the first part of the food and drinks that are popular in micro-blogging site Twitter, and give a more complete picture of the tendency among users of social media.

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Source: A Annisa Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood,
Image: S Lee - Melbourne


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