Enjoyment Menu in the 'First Class'

Knowing the secret of the food menu for premium class passengers

SQ first-class cabin - Image credit Singapore Airlines

Executive class passengers did get the most pampered service, even you will agree with seeing the comfort given to them up there.

They will get all the comfort and amenities, although the journey will be long in the air, as reviewed in a lifestyle site. Take a look at the facilities they earn, chairs, pillows, or blankets were comfortable and entertainment facilities, there is also another powerful service makes premium class passengers do not get bored, the food menu.

You may have heard stories like this, the involvement of the world class chéf in many airlines, such as Nobu Matsuhisa (Qatar Airways), Neil Perry (Qantas), Daniel Boulud (Air France) as well as one of the best chéfs in the world, Heston Blumenthal in the British Airways ,

Well, now you know one of the attractions to make the executive class passengers happy is the food!

It is known that the airline world turned out to have a ‘secret kitchen’, and through a facility like this would not be surprised if later the ticket of first class seats can reach thousands of dollars.

Singapore Airlines (SQ), can pamper passengers to the destination of the flight New York-Singapore with a special meal, and you immediately understand when traveling several hours get the charge in the range of US $ 7,500.

Costly indeed. Citing Quartz sites, the price of the seats turned out to be very expensive, because passengers obtain classy food menu offerings during the course of 21 hours.

It has long been known, when the reliable chéf participated in many of the airline, say, Singapore Airlines, they are using services from Alfred Portale, as the responsible chéf for making super special dish.

He is the executive chéf at the Michelin level restaurant in New York, Gotham Bar and Grill, and was given the job on a regular basis every six months - the chéf who has earned James Beard Award - should make the creation of a new menu for the passengers premium class SQ.

This is just an example, because SQ has nine chéfs from around the world as a culinary council which will choose what the menu is decent issued to the first-class citizens. Mention one or two of them, Zhu Jun, executive chéf Shanghai Jade Garden restaurant, and Carlo Cracco, chéf of two Michelin star restaurant in Milan.

Secret meal which they determine have traits, meat that is not easily dry when removed from air kitchen microwave oven, this means that, fatty fish such as salmon and halibut be the first choice.

Portale more emphasis on the selection of thick pieces of meat so that the protein in it is maintained, with his favorite creations menu is pork cooked slowly.

"We chose the food was synonymous with a dish of Americans is pork tenderloin, but made with more like filet mignon. Very soft with apricot spice."

Enjoyment outstanding menu, isn’t it?

Source: Megiza - CNN Indonesia, Quartz
Image: Singapore Airlines


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