10 Vacation Destinations in Instagram 2016

Tourist areas are often used as background vacation photos

Times Square, New York

Photos on Instagram seems to be one of the show media action that favored by the millennial, they are young people age in the social media era, and a penchant for taking pictures seems to have become a habit.

Features that are owned by the Instagram meet the expectations of their subconscious, the young age, and like some time I write an article on this blog site, obtaining quotes from various other tourist sites, which also discusses this photo themed social media site.

This time the sites CNN discusses succession tourist sites are present in Instagram, Tuesday, December 6th, they made a review of 10 attractions in the world's most widely enshrined in Instagram.

According to the latest annual release of Instagram that make up destinations, also citing a tourist site, detikTravel, December 6th, cities and attractions that most often appear in status updates from the accounts of users of the social media sites.

Young people seem so confident, they proudly displaying their latest pictures in various world-class travel spots, and you immediately know that the tourist site became one of their goals to make the background of their great photos.

For them, no matter what happens around, even when looking at the food presented in front of a cafe table, when hang out with their friends, take pictures in advance first and pray then, if remembered.

Central Park, New York

This is an interesting moment, a list of photographs of those presenting the famous tourist spot, mostly from the United States and Europe. Call one of them, Central Park or Times Square in New York, then the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum in Paris.

All right, you want to see a list of the favorite tourist spots in Instagram in 2016.

1. Disney Theme Parks (worldwide)
2. Universal Studios (worldwide)
3. Central Park, New York, USA
4. Times Square, New York, USA
5. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

6. Louvre Museum, France
7. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, USA
8. Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles, USA
9. Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA
10. VDNKh, Russia

You do not need to feel annoyed with all these situations, young people always come to a tourist location by the hustle and excitement of a story, something that 'trending' and that's where they are present.

Source: F Safa - detikTravel, CNN
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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