Airlines from South Korea Being Firm To Passengers

A bad experience of the musician Richard Marx with his wife in a long-haul flights

Richard Marx set up a rope to tie the passenger - Image credit Daisy Fuentes

Troublemakers passenger is a problem for anyone on a plane flight, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, this time befall a musician who was once famous in the 1980s. Horrendous incident involving a passenger and a flight attendant who fought in the aircraft cabin.

I think anybody does not want got the same experience, because it is in a long-distance flight, you should be able to enjoy comfortable as possible.

Richard Marx recounts that, as written by the site People, excitement in the passenger cabin that happened last week. He along with his wife, Daisy Fuentes, were on a trip with Korean Air flying from Hanoi, Vietnam, heading for Seoul, South Korea.

Just imagine when you're in the plane, when the excitement occurred, a passenger angry with a flight attendant who was serving passengers.

He, the passenger, bespectacled man of Asian unknown name implies, looks complain to the stewardess, his voice rising, and the other passengers spontaneously turned to them.

"Hey, what happened?!"

They continued to fight, and unexpectedly, the passenger immediately push and pull the hair of that stewardess.

From his seat, Richard Marx immediately stood up, he was breaking up the quarrel, and keep the attendant of the passenger, prior to the fatal incident.

Not long while, some other flight attendants approached at gunpoint electric stun. Apparently the passenger is not afraid, he moved and wanted to hurt other flight attendants.

You know what was done by the musicians who are right in between them? He deftly action feinting like a fighter, then control of the passenger, and tied in a chair.

Terrific, isn't it?

Despite what happened to make him and his wife felt disappointed with the events that happened, but he was more disappointed with the airline crew who seem unprepared to situations that could threaten other passengers.

Through his facebook and twitter account, he wrote, "My wife and survived, but one person crew and two passengers to be injured. Korean Air should be penalized on their unpreparedness to handle this."

Richard Marx@twitter

Of course, Korean Air reacting, quoting from the site Travel and Leisure, the Korean Air said it would add in-flight security procedures.

"When it happened, passengers could not be stung for many other passengers are in the vicinity. Now, we will immediately stung passengers troublemakers act to curb the situation from the beginning."

Well, passengers will feel calmer, and you'll get used to seeing electric stun guns in the not normal situation in their next flight.

I think only flight crews that properly trained and certified to use it.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, People, Travel and Leisure
Image: Richard Marx via Twitter, Daisy Fuentes via Instagram


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