230-Fifth and You Can Drink ala Eskimo

Eating at the restaurant located at the top of the building as part of a lifestyle

230 Fifth, Manhattan, New York - Image credit 230 Fifth

Rooftop bar became common among urban, and you know when they are looking for something new up there, an unusual view into the appeal of this type of restaurant.

No doubt when the rooftop bar is currently popular lately as a place to 'hangout', and was the concept of the restaurant owners around the world. They not only sell food, so reviewing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, but they also sell city stunning views.

This is what makes a bar in Manhattan, New York who want to offer the opportunity enjoy a variety of drinks on top ala Eskimos, as a different experience for their guests.

Visit the rooftop bar called 230 Fifth, you will be fascinated by the appearance of several igloo houses, and you can to touch the houses.

The igloo houses that is not made of stone as the original but from the unique transparent plastic. The lights emit a bluish aroma, then hit in the surfaces of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a plastic material with a one meter thickness.

According to other sites, Travel and Leisure, the bar has been open since 2014 and then, offers views of the New York City skyline from the point of view of 360 degrees. Who is not struck this time?

They, 230 Fifth do not want to ignore their dinner guests, even those providing enough space there, under the arches of the igloo with 11 people simultaneously, arranged a table and chairs for dining. Then the guests are still served with other equipment such as sofas, lamps, rugs, until the television is also provided in it.

A life cuddle for their guests, but you have to 'move quickly,' because the concept quickly who they got, applies in this place.

As stated by the management of the bar, "Normally visitors would spend time chatting with others. Therefore, we can not make a reservation in advance."

They are the world's first bar located on the roof of the house igloo-shaped, open until the end of March next year, and the guests are offered a variety of cocktails, among other things martin whiskey, and rum-spiked hot apple cider.

OK. Something promising is the sensation of eating inside the igloo invisibility while gazing at the stars in the sky away.

Source: A Ekasari Larasati - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: 230 Fifth New York


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