'Witches Soup' Potion for Japanese in Winter

They prefer to eat 'majo nabe', which also known as witch hot pot dishes

Majo nabe - Image credit Twitter/@corocorokoi

Types of hot soup in winter into a dish that warms your when the cold control of the whole residential area, you can also agree that the society will find a variety of food warm. This applies also to the Japanese public, they will provide a bowl of hot soup or ramen that could be the food that warms the body.

But. You'd be surprised if this time there is something new on the Japanese people, it is featured in a site article, CNN Indonesia, last December 9th, they eat majo nabe.

Then what is the majo nabe? What is the difference with a dish soup which is known there?

They no longer eat the kind of soup that were already known, because this winter they seek the witch hot pot dish, known in Japanese as majo nabe.

Majo nabe is a bowl of soup with purple sauce, what makes the color purple? It is caused by a purple broth, then soup sauce is often known as witches soup of the 'fairyland'.

Well, the era of social media makes this purple soup dish became famous, and when winter came, this 'witch soup' become trend in cyberspace.

All right, you want to know how it would look, isn’t it?

Ah, you probably will not like it, do not bring your appetite and maybe 'toxic', but do not underestimate the efficacy and benefits of this ‘witch soup’.

Related articles at the sites Mashable, wrote that this soup looks like 'toxic' food, because its purple color is derived from a mixture of purple vegetables boiled in it. You can see more thoroughly, some purple vegetable mix, among other purple cabbage, purple broccoli, purple sweet potato, and others.

They gave an example of when you boil beet vegetables, this long stewed of purple vegetables will fade and coloring the cooking water. Likewise, not only the cooking water, the purple color will also be absorbed into various food additive in soups, such as potatoes or even the meat.

But. When winter arrives, the food body warmers are best friends. Vegetables content and natural ingredients in the soup can meet the expectations and as well as healthful.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti – CNN Indonesia, Mashable
Image: Screenshot via Twitter/@corocorokoi


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