Year-end with Family, Accurate in Choosing a Hotel

Many things must be considered, such comfort for children

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Family holiday together in the final moments of the year is a tremendous opportunity that can be done by anyone, but it is worth considering not to arbitrarily choose the hotel.

You will know, in addition to parents, children have their own specific pleasure, they tend to be eyeing a place to have fun with family during the holidays, relax and forget all the daily activities at the school.

Some of preparation you can do when you want to book a hotel for the holidays, there are important things to note.

Make a note of what is needed from the hotel

You can make a list of needs in advance, because it is important in understanding the needs of all, like the facility in accordance with the number of family members and wishes each of them.

For example, you bring two or more children. Parents also need to consider the availability of rooms, type of bed- double bed or bunk beds - and an extra mattress if necessary.

If the baby under the age of five years, automatically mothers need more space to put their stuff. Discharging mini-bar, if there is in the room, can be used as a child solid foods and snacks.

Choose a hotel that is close to tourist destinations

The ideal choice for you and your family, you do not want traffic, deal with complaints from children, and may delay the opportunity to visit a variety of attractions and playground.

The tourists region is usually crowded with peoples on holiday, you can save travel time and enjoy the game attraction longer if the hotel location strategically close to the destination.

As a side note it is good to bring a map, if you do not bring your own vehicle. Stations or bus stops near the hotel will greatly facilitate the activities of a family holiday in terms of transportation.

Note the previous hotel guest reviews

Consider reading reviews of guests who were already staying at the hotel target, look through their blog posts or news about the hotel to be ordered.

They write more honestly, from the location, the facilities, to specialty services. They do not hesitate to also write tips related activities at the hotel while on vacation.

Search promos that can alleviate the cost of the holiday

No harm in looking promo discount hotel, you can make sure the price of lodging with a holiday budget. Managing a family vacation budget is the best way before heading to tourist sites.

It is true, low prices can be obtained when you booked the hotel from long ago. However, there are some hotels that include low prices for empty rooms were canceled suddenly. Travelers can be proactive and creative in finding.

Another way is to find a new hotel opened, because they still provide a promotional price. Figures are offered can be half the price of other hotels.

Take advantage of online booking sites

The times have changed, the customer has got the ease in finding the hotel through an online booking site.

However, ordering online is sometimes also cause anxiety in itself. May occur name is not registered at check-in despite making a payment in advance, for one.

However, the sites of hotel reservations and plane tickets, such as, or, now has a way to anticipate.

Anticipation on the sites Traveloka through StayGuarantee feature, say these things happen, you can not do the check-in upon arrival at the hotel where you plan to stayed, a complaint was immediately can be delivered instantly.

Applications provide e-vouchers with a few button "Need help with Check-in?", and follow the instructions.

Options during the holiday makes you more easily undergo the holidays with family, but that does not mean you do it carelessly and in a hurry. And you'll want to return home with happiness.

Source: A Anggraeni Fathana - KompasTravel
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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