Berlin Christmas Market Reopens After Terror

Three days after the incident lethal truck that killed 12 people

Christmas market in Germany

Christmas market in Germany can be considered as one way to know this country, Germany, as it enters its Christmas moments, almost throughout the country, especially in the main cities will be crowded with Christmas market events.

Christmas market in Berlin is one of them, since it first opened, you will find a variety of Christmas decorations and ornaments. However, the incidence of death that killed 12 people make the atmosphere of joy turned into sorrow.

The brutal attack on the acts of terrorism on Monday, December 19th, when the market visitors were surprised by the action of trucks weighing 25 tonnes were suddenly hit the crowd.

Berlin city government did not want to linger in the dumps, three days later they reopened the purposes of market providers Christmas on Thursday, December 22nd.

They immediately improve the market and ornaments around the arena to grow the market with a variety of flower arrangements, candles, and flags indicating little festival in memory of the departure of the victims killed in the deadly incident.

Citing reviews in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, today, the city government hopes the community can recover from this condition. And you'll see the bustle of the market management, a number of guardrail safety officer positions and remain on standby to secure the location of the possibility of a similar attack.

As one visitor said, David Ulbricht as reported by AFP, "After the attacks we can see the fact that people remain strong to go through life."

Despite government efforts to cities that continue to give encouragement to the citizens, but the atmosphere was thicker in mourning fixed locations, you do not hear the music is played or the lights to honor the victims killed and injured in this incident.

Review the article writes about the atmosphere there, Jan-Philipp Biermann one food vendor said, the absence of music on the day of the reopening of the market reflects the attitude of joy in sorrow remain shrouded behind the people of Berlin.

Christmas should continue, despite the terror, and the improvement of security status does not hinder the city residents to celebrate Christmas in a solemn atmosphere and excitement with family.

Source: E Anggraini – CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: W Sjahran


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