Avoid This Food Drink Before Aircraft

Choosing the type of food and drinks to avoid bloating

Wine one of the favorites passengers in long-distance flights - Image credit G Alexei

Food and drink on the plane has always been the choice of many passengers, because they were on the way, so indiscriminate in choosing foods and beverages. Risks await if wrong in selecting it, because there's always a certain content in it.

Passengers considers it necessary to eat beforehand, but some think later while in the air and so on, remembering, let's say you're the best riding in economy class.

Interesting reviews on a travel site, wrote about the list of foods that should be avoided before taking the flight for the convenience of your body during flight from Skyscanner Australia.


You can avoid them before boarding kinds of vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, artichokes and beans. You know, these vegetables tend to have high carbohydrates (oligosaccharides) that can not be broken down in the small intestine and become a source of discomfort after they reach the large intestine.

Vegetables can cause bloating, cramps maybe even while it is engaged in such a pressurized environment in aircraft cabins.

Snacks with salty taste

It is sometimes common for most passengers to enjoy a snack while waiting for boarding time, certainly feels good. But avoid snacks that are high in salt.

At a certain height, the tongue will be slightly numb. Well, you certainly do not want snacks with high salt levels that can make the body experiencing water retention.

Water retention is a condition where excess fluid accumulates in the body, occurs in the circulatory system or in the tissues and cavities.

Caffeinated drinks

For coffeegoeurs this is the most delicious drinks, and generally will be served by the cabin crew. Of course they will be hard to resist.

However, caffeinated drinks will keep your body hydrated, is a diuretic, and disrupt sleep clock. Diuretics itself is the nature of the foods that can spur the kidneys to excrete a lot of urine.

Carbonated drinks

These drinks disrupt digestion on airplanes, sweet fizzy so you want to try it. However, the effects on the stomach would be full of gas, so that will cause bloating.

Most soft drinks with high sugar levels also tend to be time-consuming your sleep, when you actually want to be asleep.

Alcoholic drinks

Through a study from Cornell University about alcoholic beverages found that aircraft noise could make passengers who drink alcohol so much appreciate umami. What is Umami?

Umami is a savory taste comes from glutamate, one of the natural amino acids in the diet.

However, alcohol will cause you to become dehydrated. You can enjoy it for a glass or two glasses of wine, but be sure to not enjoy it too much.

When you undergo a short-haul flights maybe it's not too big impact, but avoid especially when you get on a plane with a long journey or a long haul flight.

Source: W Adityo Prodjo - KompasTravel, news.com.au
Image: G Alexei


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