Bette Nash, World's Oldest Stewardess?

Now she is 80 years old and still serve her passengers

American Airlines

Healthy at the age of 80 years may belong only to some people, or maybe the trend is that more and more elderly people and a healthy and fit.

Being air stewardess was her dream that continue to be implemented consistently, when she, then aged 21 years, is still around years of the late 1950s, she officially became a stewardess on November 4th, 1957.

She was very happy to receive recognition as a flight attendant and enjoyed the early days with enthusiasm, a strong woman who is still actively working at Eastern Airlines that days.

Although she is not young age, 80 years, Bette still productive to work and serve the passengers of American Airlines, so reviews on the site KompasTravel, December 18, merely she likes to help the passengers.

"The thing I like most is to help the passengers. This job position me as a person who gives them attention and kindness."

She still remembers the early days of her becoming a flight attendant, quoting the Daily Mail, Friday, December 9, she thinks it is glory days and special, when the nation was led by a president who has been known since the era of World War II, Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower.

Sometimes she smiled looking back to a time, when the ticket is still around 12 dollars each way, and do not need a reservation before it airs.

She was tireless, and spun into the present time, and she still serve the passengers of American Airlines Washington-Boston route. She was enjoying every moment of their joint flight, passengers are regarded as an old friend.

"I like all the passenger aircraft. I also like to meet new people."

Bette thus consistent with all her duties, and serve them with patience and keep trying welcoming to passengers.

Bette Nash, early days

She's really tough on her age, and survive in the profession, she said that she was spoiled by a variety of facilities and services for traveling to various places.

60 years on, Bette has gone through various phases and technological developments. She said that in the early days of her duties, Bette should always wear white gloves.

More exciting at that time that air passengers are allowed to smoke. That's what happened in the past.

"In the past everything was manual. Now the technology is growing and providing new experiences for passengers. Of course for us as well, the cabin crew."

Maybe one day she retired. You know, she told something.

"Why should I retire? Working is fun."

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Daily Mail
Image: American Airlines


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