Queens in the Siege of Dish Culinary

The region is considered lost prestige of Manhattan turned out to have a culinary treasures

The Westin, New York

Queens, New York neighborhood seems to have something unexpected by any citizens, through the creativity and innovation of its culinary enthusiasts are now increasingly recognized as an area for culinary connoisseurs.

The circumstances happen so fast, you will see various culinary sellers, ranging from gastropub to Michelin-starred restaurants, as the review by the sites CNN Indonesia, today, really, because for foodies will feel a new atmosphere that reflects the culinary flavorful gentrification establishment in the region.

The region attract attention from the media, when Lady Gaga in October 2015 along the Astoria neighborhood to attend the opening of “The Pomeroy”, a restaurant owned by her childhood, chéf Bo O'Connor.

Media is able to raise the prestige of the area, people are startled, shocked, people flocked through the streets around the East River to explore new culinary spaces.

Queens that initially seemed to be forgotten, the most populated region of the middle to upper most populous and ethnically diverse, now people realize the charm of Queens, is no longer a boring suburb.

Citing the sites "We Heart Astoria", a part-time journalist, Dixie Roberts said that in this region almost every month comes a new restaurant and bar.

"Five years ago, no dining place that much."

He acknowledged the development of the region, citing the AFP, especially in the last two and a half years, it was incredible.

Maybe you should try it yourself visiting the region, the scenery along the edge of the main road with the presence of English gastropub crowded together, really typical English bar display, minimalist décor, a desk and chair designer, the lighting dim, until the parquet floor.

They, the seller diverse culinary offerings are convinced when they are really unique, guaranteed not to be found elsewhere in Queens, said Sonny Solomon, owner “Kurry Qulture”, a typical Indian restaurant.

Queens that have been transformed, you can enjoy a dish from chéf Bo O'Connor with American-style menu with a touch of South Korea, the homeland of his ancestors, or you can visit a typical dish of Vietnamese Louis Leung, one of the owners of “District Saigon” resto.

They guarantee the price of food can reach many people, about 45 to 50 dollars per person in Kurry Qulture, even Casa Enrique, typical Mexican restaurant, even set prices below 20 dollars.

"Clearly, people come here not just to eat, but also to see and be seen," said Sonny.

Queens gives pleasure to the citizens and tourists, and maintain its cultural diversity and community.

"I hope it stays like this. For long."

Source: V Probo – CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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