Discounts 80 Percent of 'Food Leftovers'

FoodforAll application companies give discounts for its customers

Food in a resto

Everyone loves a discount, the way it is happening to everyone, they loved it, even when it concerns food discounts. This occurred at a restaurant in certain cities in the United States, discounts on food in a certain way.

You will see the excitement for the people of Boston and New York, as they will easily get various discounts on meals at his favorite restaurant.

All because the applications FoodforAll to feature for app users between 50-80 percent through the application. Only, you need to know, this is a discounted food leftovers at the restaurant.

But. You're not angry yet, because it's not in the sense of the remainder of the guest dishes of the restaurant, which then resold. Not at all.

So it is necessary to understand the notion of food leftovers as food that is no longer sold in the restaurant at the end of the day, so reviews on the sites CNN Indonesia, December 21st, the impact made by certain parties keen to enjoy it, you can start ordering the food ahead of the afternoon.

Applications that understand the needs of users, and provide information about the desire to buy food in the restaurants around the residence house. You can try the app for ordering food, and get the food in accordance with the time specified by the restaurant, usually ahead of the closed shop.

As stated by David Rodriguez, CEO FoodforAll to the Huffington Post in an interview, "The goal is to reduce food waste and has a food distribution for the restaurant."

"If within the state, the rest of the meal was the biggest contributor to all three to the greenhouse effect. This will be a big impact on global warming, and not many people are aware of this."

True, this statement can be accepted. Considering the rest of the food was a big problem for Americans, about 40 percent of the food was inedible and must be discarded. FoodforAll present for the users of the application, because there is one of the six families who do not have enough food.

But in a wider context, the food is thrown away will experience the process of decomposition in the soil. This will release harmful gases that contribute to climate change.

Not a lot to understand what happened, but FoodforAll can provide a good solution.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti – CNN Indonesia, Huffington Post
Image: E Widi


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