Paris No Longer Heaven Upscale Shopping

London took over the role of the shopping district due to the number of terror attacks

Eiffel Tower in the night, Paris

Terror attacks and criminal actions are increasing in the city of Paris seems to make some people feel sick, they do not like the situation full of bad surprises like this. Especially among the upper classes, they are the mainstay for sellers of classy luxury products.

You can certainly take into account the impact on revenues in the country, according to review on the sites CNN Indonesia, that the foreign exchange worth US $ 18 billion obtained from the Paris shopping luxury fashion products and accessories, threatened plummeted.

Consumers of premium fashion products such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Givenchy, as reported by the sites Independent, now choose London, England, as their shopping destination.

You know, this is caused by the situation in Paris were deemed no longer safe.

Some records may be mentioned for example in October, Kim Kardashian had been a victim of a robbery of jewelry worth millions of dollars in her apartment in Paris in the Paris Fashion Week event.

Last November, Bollywood actress, Mallika Sherawat and her boyfriend, also a victim of tear gas, they were attacked by robbers. Likewise, the number of reports of thefts experienced by the tourists.

Another case in A1 Road which connects the center of Paris to the Le Bourget Airport, where a private plane rests. Qatari rich tourists and businessmen France became the target of two robberies worth millions of dollars on the street.

Anyone would feel uncomfortable with a scene that seemed endless, very disturbing comfort, the real impact on the amount of transactions luxury goods and a decline in foreign tourists visit.

Proven throughout 2016 France reported a foreign tourist arrivals fell by eight percent.

An interview of Luca Solca, luxury goods trade chief at Exane BNP Paribas in the Business of Fashion said that indeed tourists, especially the upper classes began to feel uncomfortable.

"Tourists are no longer rich glanced Paris as a safe destination, especially since there are terror attacks and criminal actions are increasing."

Harrods, London

Then he added, "The number of cases of robbery aggravated the situation. London and Switzerland benefited because of it."

The situation changed in London, Burberry Fashion House reported that their sales increased by 30 percent during 2016, then the premium department store Harrods an abundance of rich tourists who visit select the year-end shopping in London.

Michael Ward, Managing Director of Harrods to the Financial Times, "For wealthy consumers, especially those from the Middle East, security is a major consideration. When they feel threatened in Paris, they go to London."

However, until now Paris still plays a role in the ranks of the fashion capital of the world, and holds a market share of luxury goods sales highest in the world, around six percent.

But. Vigilance seems to have an advantage.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Business of Fashion, Financial Times
Image: Asti Soekirno, W Sjahran


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