Year-end Holiday with the Family

In order for the holiday go smoothly, some tips that you can do

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Year-end holidays is a special moment with the family that maybe difficult moments when flurry control yourself, but when the opportunity arrives, as reviewed in the article sites, KompasTravel, December 20th, you have to make the best possible.

Do you want year-end holidays relatively long run smoothly, there are some tips that you can do as reported by the Huffington Post.

1. Make a list of belongings

You certainly want all goes well, bring things that are important and choose a light-weight. Luggage should not be filled too full, as it requires space for souvenirs.

2. Separate warm clothing

Warm clothes in the suitcase was not in the trunk. Warm clothing should carry and use when traveling, especially in long distance travel. Carefully when you bring the kids this is noteworthy.

3. Initial preparation

The night before leaving, make sure everyone has finished packing and have completed all the documentation of the family. Avoid act hastily because the risk of lagging behind important items and be able to make the trip late.

4. Prepare a motion sickness drugs

Of course it is prepared for the children and prepare wet wipes, plastic bag in an accessible location.

5. Send items to your hometown

It was a fun trip, when you traveled to your hometown. You can even send your excess luggage through the package expedition. In addition to cheaper, also more compact.

6. Get enough sleep

Pay attention to children first in their holiday travel, because they are often ignorant to their leisure times. Solely because of the enthusiasm in the year-end holidays. When they sleep enough, keep the body fit and healthy. Of course, your health is also noteworthy.

7. Child personal items

Prepare this well, such as pillows, toys, or their favorite blanket and they wanted to take them. Kids are always miss home, but make sure the luggage is lightweight and easy to pack.

Good preparation is the best keyword when on holiday with the family, especially when the year-end holiday travel does take time and a long journey.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Huffington Post
Image: W Sjahran


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