10 Most Linked Cities in Instagram

Cities in the world through the 'geotagging' features by Instagrammers in 2016

Sudirman Street in holiday moments, Jakarta

Geotag feature in Instagram social media sites into one facility one favored by the users, it is a concern that the CNN news site review it a few days ago.

Interesting, as reviewed in the article sites KompasTravel, Saturday, last December 3rd, because it is clearly visible which cities are always a topic and focus of the tourists in the world, as well as local residents of a city to enjoy their daily lives.

You can see sequentially cities in the world that always gets a good topic of the users of the social media sites.

1. New York

The city's most photographed and uploaded to Instagram in 2016, for some reason, the city is always interesting. Travelers pay attention to this "Big Apple" city through interesting scenes at the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Katz's Deli, and of course the famous Times Square.

2. London

You always remember the red telephone boxes, black cabs, red double-decker bus, until the tourist spot locations, such as Big Ben and the London Eye. Travelers always remember it in their subconscious and get a link from the users of Instagram.

3. Moscow

Being in the top three cities which got geotagging on Instagram. The capital of Russia is famous for St. Basil's Cathedral, but the attention of travelers Instagram users precisely to VDNKh, an exhibition venue and theme parks.

4. Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the city with the highest population in the world. You will get to know the city is through its thick culture, and has the neo-gothic style architecture, until its skyscraper modern building.

5. Paris

This romantic city is always on the list when mentioning many things, including the matter of tourism. You already know which is the 'geotag' object, such as the Louvre Museum, the Centre Pompidou, and Musee d'Orsay,

Another place that will not be forgotten is the Fondation Louis Vuitton, and certainly the Eiffel Tower that are in the top five locations in the world's most widely uploaded on Instagram this year.

6. Los Angeles

Who can forget this city? There may be forgotten! The lovers of sun bathing and 'selfie' which usually upload their pictures, for example Rerranea Resort in Palo Verdes Peninsula that many uploaded to Instagram.

7. St. Petersburg

The historic town in Russia that also received great attention from Instagram users. And, no wonder the historic buildings such as the State Heritage Museum which was built in the 18th century as one of a list of museums in the world's most widely uploaded on Instagram 2016.

8. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is always sparkling, and you may receive the city became one of the favorites of the Instagrammers, given Rio de Janeiro is the host of the Olympic World in 2016.

9. Istanbul

Lots of interesting things to link by the Instagram users, for example, Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet district and many historic locations in Turkey attractive for immortalized.

The city also gets the hashtag #turkey indirectly, as the most widely hashtag on Instagram 2016. Even though you should know that question is a food made from turkey, and is not referring to a particular country, because the moment of Thanksgiving Day in the United States in last November.

10. Jakarta

Not unexpected for a social media community, because Jakarta entered as the 10th city whose photos get the most links. That many photogenic activity that can be photographing in Jakarta and uploaded to Instagram, including a “Panjat Pinang” climbing contest in celebration of Independence Day.

Now you know how interesting they are the millennials, especially young tourists who actively playing ‘gadgets’ and social media, have an interesting selection of cities in the world.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, CNN
Image: M Kretyawan


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