11 Countries with the Best “Street Food”

Each country has rules for their street food vendors

Clarke Quay, one of culinary centre in Singapore

Food is the main characteristic of a typical street food sellers anywhere you encounter, when traveling you often meet with them, because it sells culinary characterize the area.

They say it's the best time to sample the local cuisine with their original flavor, that’s the reviews about the uniqueness of each country at sites KompasTravel, December 18th.

Another article about street food is always interesting, such as an article on the sites Travel and Leisure which summarizes the 11 countries with the best street food and typical dishes not to be missed.

1. Singapore

This country has the safest street food sellers in the world, the government is concerned with applying strict rules about location and cleanliness.

Recommended dishes: Hainan rice, bones soup, and min chiang kueh (nut pancakes).

2. Sydney, Australia

They also implement strict rules on hygiene of street food. One of the unique is mostly sold through food truck, and as a melting pot, Sydney sells street food dishes from different countries.

Recommended dishes: fatboy burger and truffle fries, gnocchi with lamb, banh mi (Vietnamese specialties)

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Country rich in spices. Virtually every block street in Istanbul found street food sellers. Tips to avoid foods made from raw and cooked food to enjoy previously when tested street food in Turkey.

Recommended dishes: Lahmacun (Turkish pizza), Misir (roasted corn), Kokorec (a type of kebab with lamb stuffing), and borek (sandwich)

4. Bangkok, Thailand

You can easily find street food sellers, approximately 12,000 street food vendors in Bangkok.

Recommended dish in Bangkok: pad see (noodles tums), som tum gai (green papaya salad), mango sticky rice (sticky rice with mango and sweet sauce)

5. Morocco

This country focus on the food street food vendors in Djemaa el-Fna with a variety of foods with color, spice, texture, and interesting taste.

Recommended dishes: tagine, ghoulal (snail soup), B'stilla (pie bird), chebakia (sesame)

6. Mumbai, India

This city can be exquisitely destination. Discover more than 17,000 street food vendors licensed in Mumbai. Most of them are also friendly to vegetarians.

Recommended dishes: Vada pav, pav bhaji (bread curry), pani puri (vegetable sandwiches), and sugar cane ice.

7. Mexico City

The country has a long history with street food. Arrivals from Spain that has been selling street food in Mexico since 1516.

Recommended dishes: tirtas de Pierna (sandwiches), tacos al pastor (tortilla contents)

8. Palermo, Italy

The city can be said to represent the culinary of Italy - famous throughout the world. You will find many other types of food, not just pizza.

Recommended dishes: arancini (rice rolled in), pane con panelle (a kind of meatball), ca pane meusa (sandwich)

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The townspeople loved street food snack, say breakfast until dinner, they can eat street food three times a day.

Recommended dishes: Acai bowl or the bowl of fruit blended with a variety of toppings, esfishas, acaraje (crepes with chocolate stuffing peanut butter and banana), pasteis (pastry content of vegetables and shrimp or beef)

Burger of Times Square, New York

10. New York City, USA

The "Big Apple" is known by many food trucks and vendors who offer typical food from different countries of the world. You will find the culinary variety in Queens, Prince Street and Soho.

Recommended dishes: Soho with a dish of grilled sandwiches, burrito of Mexico, or kebab of Middle East specialties.

11. Cartagena, Colombia

This country is a blend of Spanish and African cultures with unique street food in the port city of Cartagena. Street food sellers can be found in the Plaza de La Trinidad.

Recommended dishes: Arepas, Mazorca desgranada (corn, meat, cheese, with a crunchy potato topping), bocadillo con queso (cheese and guava pastry contents), as well as bollos (steamed buns)

I guarantee for true culinary hunters, they will not be satisfied try only this 11 countries. Of course, there's always another neighborhood with street sellers of food serving their specific.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Kretyawan, L Priyanti


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